Link Building

Link Building

Link Building packages can be bought in bulk from many places online. However, more often than not the links that you obtain this way both to and from your website are not what we or the Search Engines call ‘relevant’.

If you are a florist in Liverpool you would want to associate your site with other florists, suppliers and floristry themed companies and websites. For example a load of links in and out of your site to builders websites or mechanics websites etc. or even people on the other side of the world are not going to enhance your popularity or your relevance through the Search Engines, this will only confuse them all the more. This can severely delay your objective to ‘Get To Page One’ of Google.

When looking into developing your website make sure you are clear and concise in your efforts or better still come to ‘Get To Page One’ to do it all for you. We have many Link Building packages available here which can be added to create a more complete package, for your long term targets.

Link Building is usually the last step in finalising your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and is often not required to get you to the First Page of Google or your chosen Search Engine. Link Building in most cases is for when you have already achieved getting on to Page One of Google, Page One of Yahoo or Page one of Bing. Once on the First Page, Link Building can be used to further enhance your natural positions and move you higher up the page. As we have learnt over time Google, Yahoo & Bing all have different algorithms; Google and Bing are amended more frequently than Yahoo.

We know that if Yahoo is your preferred choice then Link Building is a great way to really speed up the optimisation process from the outset, whereas with Google and Bing this method is better for Speeding up your optimisation when all other methods have been put in place beforehand, or for when you are on Page One and would like to move higher up the results on that particular page.

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