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Option one is limited to 10 x localised search terms to drive traffic to your website from set up on a monthly recurring subscription basis @ £150.00 per month.

Option two is one of our more popular packages it is our Managed Campaign subscription a minimum spend of £250.00 per month is required. This package give you an unlimited number of localised and national keywords & phrases. Your account manager will liaise with you to go over all the keywords, search terms and your requirements with you. This package allows you to top up with additional funds as and when you feel you would like to take advantage of more enquiries.

Option three is our annual subscription, this package gives you all the benefits of option 2 but with a significant discount in price. By paying for 12 months in advance for an annual managed campaign subscription it is only £2500.00 per year. Meaning you save at least £500.00 per year compared to paying monthly.

To cancel you must email to give your termination notice. 10 days notice is required to cancel your subscription within your 1st Month and 30 days Cancellation Notice is required after your first month . See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Get To Page One Ltd or Google cannot guarantee actual positions within the search results on or guarantee the cost of clicks your website generates through Neither or Get To Page One Ltd can offer any 24 hour listings on Google, there are no such offers or products of this type available on the market. Some keywords or phrases may not be available to promote on Google. We must adhere to very strict advertising and marketing policies / guidelines set out by Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in your adverts being suspended and websites being omitted from search results.

Your monthly / annual budget is split up and distributed evenly to each day, the more budget you have in your daily budget the more clicks your website can afford to receive each day. Your advert will run intermittently throughout each day that you subscribe until your budget is depleted.

Get To Page One Ltd operates a Strict ‘No refund’ policy.  Some areas for example; Paris, Dublin, London, etc may be much more expensive to advertise and promote on Google due to the high competitiveness and high level of daily searches online. This also applies for certain industries; Double Glazing, Auto Locksmiths, Insurance, Banking and other services may also be considerably more expensive dependant on area and the competetiveness.

Driving Test Booking Services, Tobacco Products, Cosmetic Treatments, Explicit Content and some other keywords may be blocked / omitted from and other leading search engines results. If you are unsure before proceeding, please contact us today to discuss your requirements further. Before proceeding through PayPal and the subscription Button in the website as refunds are not permitted (we will aim to accommodate you the best we can, certain keywords and necessary changes to your search terms and settings may be required)

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Looking to get more information about any of our services or looking to get a quote on a website or online marketing package? Either give us a call today or email us at

In most cases we offer consultations & prices over the phone, in some cases we may need to arrange a face to face to discuss your requirements further if needed. Out of office consultations can be also arranged if necessary, please advise us should you want to have a face to face meeting with one of our team. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Registered Address: Get To Page One Ltd
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Phone: 0161 660 7222


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