Search Engine Opti-Marketing

Search Engine Opti-Marketing

Are you fed up of everyone telling you that they’re an expert in digital marketing and Google Ads? Being bombarded by sales calls from Google resellers and SEO companies offering unlimited clicks through organic listings, or instantaneous guaranteed page 1 listings on Google? To be honest so are we!

For a very long time, we have been strong believers that there is a direct link between those who spend lots of money on clicks through Google and those who achieve the best organic results for their websites, but of course it is always important to get help from real marketing experts.

However, the team at Get to Page One Ltd are inquisitive souls and eager to ensure that we are offering the best possible solutions to those with whom we work. Therefore for the past couple of years we have been offering complimentary SEO for a select few local businesses that pay for Google ads as part of their monthly subscription with us. We are pioneering the industry and our approach to the services that we offer. To date we have seen excellent results, Month on month website traffic has improved without increasing monthly spend or budget; along with organic ranking and positions steadily improving too. Throughout this trial these clients have reaped the benefits at no additional cost to them and have been benefiting from complimentary SEO whilst simply continuing to pay for their for Google Ads alone. Jammy right? Here’s the good news you can now benefit from this package too.

We now have a new product that combines the only two ways to get on page 1 of Google for a fixed monthly cost and with no minimum fixed term contract.

Not only are Get To Page One Ltd still the only online marketing company in the UK offering our services with no fixed term contracts. But, we are now the only company offering our marketing services with Free complimentary SEO services* On all Managed Search Engine Opti-Marketing Campaigns we are now offering a free ongoing SEO service as part of your monthly subscription. Making us more competitively priced than any of our competition and makes it possible for us  to offer multiple services for the same low price price.

Search Engine Opti-Marketing Packages Available from Get To Page One Ltd
from only £250.00* per month combining your online marketing and Google Ads Management with ongoing SEO implementation.

So what are the advantages of combining
SEO with your monthly Google Ad campaigns?

  • Better SEO will improve your quality scores
  • Better Quality Scores will improve your Google AdRank
  • The higher your AdRank, the cheaper your cost per click
  • The more traffic your receive from paid ads, the higher your web traffic will be
  • Higher web traffic improves your SEO score
  • Improved SEO scores, increase your chances of being crawled and indexed naturally by Google much more regularly
  • The more often you get indexed, the higher up the natural pecking order your website will get for more of your relevant keywords and search terms.

Conditions Apply

* Each Month you will accrue a minimum of 1 hour to be spent on your websites on-site SEO. A minimum monthly budget of £250.00 is required to be eligible for the Search Engine Opti-Marketing Package. You will get an extra hour of SEO for each additional £100.00 budget in your monthly campaign. The exact hours spent on your SEO may vary month-to-month based on the SEO implementation for that calendar month.  However, what has proved popular with many customers is, you may wish to build up your hours to have more hours spent carrying out the updates to your site and SEO every few months. For example, instead of going an hour each month, we would carry out the SEO in bulk on your site periodically. This way you can clearly see what is being done and you can quantify the results and performance of your website.

** No Fixed Term Contract means you are not confined to a minimum term with Get To Page One Ltd. All Packages and services are set up on a recurring subscription basis. So should you pay monthly, you will be billed automatically each month thereafter. However, you may wish to suspend, pause or cancel at any time, all we require is an email giving 10 days notice to ensure we do not pay any more monies to third parties for your services, including Google Plc. Bare in mind simply pausing your campaign will not stop any automated payments, as we may continue to be billed for your services, a campaign may be paused for up to 60 days before the subscription will resume.

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