FAqs Get To Page One Ltd
How much will it cost next month?

How much it will cost you next month is completely up to you, you are able to bring the monthly cost down to as little £0.00. If the campaign is working for you then understandably we would be confident in spending at least the same amount next month, there is no point trying to fix something that isn’t broken. However, we understand that from time to time you may be flat out with work or going on holiday etc. in these circumstances you are able to reduce the actual budget we spend to as little at £29 or just pause the whole campaign until you are in a position to take on more work.

How do I cancel my subscription with you?

All we require from yourself should the scenario arrive that you wish to cancel your subscription is 10 days written notice from your renewal date (within your first month). Again, cancelling should be avoided if it is a matter of having too much work on at any one time. pausing would be recommended. The easiest way to avoid getting too busy is to ‘pause’ your account; no charges will apply to your account whilst it is ‘paused’ and you can turn it back on when you are ready to get some more enquiries. If it is a case that it simply isn’t working for you or you are generating the wrong type of enquiries then 10 days written notice (within your first month) or 30 days notice if you have passed 30 days, will suffice or an email to cancellations@gettopageone.com (emails sent to any other email addresses will not suffice in cancelling your subscription. Our payments are automated as recurring subscriptions. To ensure we do not pay for services on your behalf that you no longer want to receive, adhering to our cancellation policy and emailing cancellations@gettopageone.com is the only way to ensure we cancel your services properly and terminate your recurring subscription payments).

What if I don't have a website?

If you do not have a website this is not a problem, we are able to design and build websites for customers who do not already have one. Some websites can be built for free* dependent on budget and commitment from you. (we have website rental packages available too, to allow you to have access to a professional website without having to pay out large amounts of money up front). Subscribe to a minimum fixed term contract and take advantage of occasional promotions we have whereby, you can have yoru very own website designed and built for you as part of the package.

Is my current website good enough?

All websites can vary more through personal preference, our staff will make sure they give you honest advice on your website; recommendations are often given to customers to make sure that you get the most out of your campaign. We can offer website upgrades should you require, often Website Upgrades can be arranged for Free as a Bolt on to an existing Package or an upgrade. Or we can at the very least guide you on how to improve your website yourself and increase the number of conversions and enquiries your website generates for you.

Can I make it any cheaper? or are there any discounts available?

With Google and the other Search Engines, the more you put it, the more you get out! If you are literally just looking to get the cost down to as little as possible whilst you try the service? You can (whilst we gain commitment from you). For more sustained & longer committed periods, discounts are more than likely. 12 month contracts will see the average company save anything from £120 upwards, get in touch to find out more.

How can everyone guarantee page 1 on Google?

The reality is that not everyone can guarantee page 1, in most cases you are promised Page 1 everyday. Everyday can mean being displayed once everyday, it can also mean being on there all day everyday. Regardless of Company Size, Industry or Budget, nobody can guarantee Page 1 of Google all day everyday, it is impossible. If it was possible big national companies wouldn’t spend thousands of pounds every month promoting themselves on the internet, they would simply go with one of these companies. The way to guarantee better results on Google and the other major Search Engines is to contact ‘Get To Page One’ and discuss what your options are. There is a way to Guarantee Page 1 of Google 24 hours a day, but it won’t happen in one phone call or happen in 48 hours, Search Engine Optimisation is the method to sustaining a 24 hour natural position on Google and the other Search Engines, this method can often be rather costly and can take a long time before you see the real benefits. See our services page to read more about SEO…

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the actual term given to paid advertising on Google and the other Search Engines (AdWords). PPC is when you pay Google for clicks to your website. You decide on a budget and pick your key phrases or search terms. Each time someone then finds your website and clicks into your site through the Search Engine, Google deducts a nominal amount of money from your budget (cost for that click) Whatever the current Cost Per Click is for that particular key phrase. The Cost Per Click (CPC) varies throughout the day, everyday.

Do I have to pay every time someone clicks on my website?

All your clicks are covered by the designated budget agreed (your monthly spend), which is why we say the more you put in, the more you get out because the more money you pay us each month the more frequently we can have you on the first Page getting clicks on your website.